Read this page to make sure you'll get around!
Click the buttons to visit the online spaces! ๐Ÿ™‚


The online exhibition is a virtual space, designed by The Rodina and Handi Kim. In there you will find works from the artists and game makers selected under the theme โ€œThe end of the world as we know itโ€. It is an exhibition regrouping videos, trailers and animations.

You can move within this space using your mouse and the arrows (or WASD) on your keyboard. Shift + arrows makes you go faster.
When entering this space, you will be asked to log in (only the first time) and to choose your avatar picture.
Inside you can see the other visitors and use the chat to communicate with everyone, or ask your questions.

If you click on the screens you can see the videos in full screen. Information about the artworks are available under the videos.

You can not play the games inside the exhibition space. You will have to click on the links to access the or steam pages and get them from there. Don't hesitate to support them with a donation when getting the games .


The virtual hang out, created in Mozilla Hub, designed by Louisa Teichmann and Noemi Biro, is the place for our live events. You can join the music program, follow the streams of talks and workshops and discover the AKI students exhibition. You will be able to enter via screen or VR glasses, choose your avatar and explore the spaces.

This virtual environment works the best in the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome. (update your browser to enjoy the best experience)

Screen mode :You can move within this space using your mouse and the arrows of your keyboard. With the letter G you can fly ๐Ÿ™‚
VR visitors: Use the 2 handles to teleport in the space. In the AKI expo, you need to pause the videos you don't watch to be able to see one properly. We've tested oculus 2, oculus go, Vive, which works fine. Oculus quest does not work good.
This is our regular Youtube page, where you will be able to follow all the live events, when the virtual hangout is not for you, or is full. You can also use the chat, our moderators will try to answer you as fast as possible.

You can also find all the past events and rewatch the ones you missed or you loved ๐Ÿ™‚

The Youtube channel is the main space for the symposium on Wednesday.
On our twitch channel you can follow the let's play videos live and rewatch them for a few days.
You can also use the chat to communicate with our streamer and comment on their game, challenge them or help them through the games!


We like The Overkill festival to be a place where you feel free to act and react and let your inner self free.
But we ask you to be aware of others around you who might be more shy or appreciate a softer vibe. Letโ€™s enjoy the online spaces all together. There should be room for all playful minds.
Our moderators are here to support you during these experiences and will be there to make sure everyone can enjoy the program.

SAFE SPACE We ask everyone who enters our virtual spaces to be kind and respectful to everyone else. Obviously we do not tolerate any form of sexual intimidation, discrimination and aggression. It will lead to an immediate removal from the space or/and (video)chat. Don't hesitate to contact us of you encounter any problem.

mail Overkill moderator : (tba)