In this new edition of The Overkill festival we invite you to discover the real real, where virtual spaces, online entities, digital experiences are part of reality. You will need to step and dive in, believe what you feel, question your certainties and let the other disturb you. 

Online and offline are so intertwined it is not relevant to oppose them anymore, the peculiar and exciting liminal space in between is growing fast. The increasing interest for ASMR, the development of multi sensory VR experiences, the need for new terms like “Mixed” or “Hybrid” reality are signs that the physical and the digital want to merge. The metaverse is under construction and we are its modders, responsible for its shape and its impact on the world.

Modding realities is an ambitious program where we try to confront ourselves to our responsibilities as modders of the world, where we question the reflection our digital screens send back to us and where we dare bending the rules in order to open up. 

The new work of TeYosh, 2k19: Who wore it best, created for the festival is an interactive installation using face filters. Where these accessories are usually used for quick fun and beautifying effects, they are presented here as statement filters reflecting on the hot topics of social media in 2019. This installation opening the festival is an invitation to create your avatar, make your statement to start this journey together. NONE OF THIS IS REAL.

Empathy, digital labor, and new ways to serve and care on the network are the subjects explored by Elisa Giardina Papa in Technologies of Care. We live in this world where online services are of daily use. The human or non human HERE ONLINE has a need to be recognised as a part of the relationship we develop with technology. What is this world they are evolving in? Perhaps False mirror from Ali Eslami is an attempt to imagine these spaces where we would meet these hidden entities. In this piece, Eslami takes his responsibility as creator to imagine a possible virtual future. One step further in a virtual inception, Virtual Virtual reality from Tender Claws imagine a virtual world you want to escape by entering another layer of virtual space.

And once totally digitalised, are you still living? By creating digital life with the work Al¿ve, Arvid&Marie confronts us with our definition of life itself and our relation to digital entities. When this one physically grows on a phone, the new game El Camino from Fuckgamedev reflecting on radical modds, is deconstructing itself the more it is played. Another atypical experience is the (anti)game Pastoral from Theo Triantafyllidis, where you are wandering in a liminal space in between actions, in between worlds.

And if we explore the different layers of virtual spaces, Mystical Touch from Jakob La Cour and Nikolaj Stausbøl will reconnect you with your senses taking you into an intimate techno-spiritual journey. THE DIGITAL IS PHYSICAL.

From our sickLAB program the interactive installation The stories we tell ourselves from Aart Odding, Samantha Valenzuela and Yoann Latzer, is confronting us with our role of modders and responsibilities as storytellers. Mille plateaux from Daniel Maalman, Naveen Kumar Setty and Wouter Kops is a poetic look into our relation to light reflection inspired by the theory of forms of Plato.

There is more to explore in the festival and back in the world. Take your time, meet the others and let’s play together. We wish you a beautiful, intense, full and fun weekend in the modded MuseumFabriek!