About the festival

The Overkill is a playful festival which regroups an art exhibition, a selection of indie games (+ retro games + a mini LAN), an alternative movie program, live performances and many activities such as workshops, masterclasses, talks… all selected around our theme and presented together in an original and immersive setting.

The Overkill is an open platform, a flexible space for creative minds to meet and an intense time to share thoughts and experiences. With our partners we are bringing together artists, creative thinkers, developers, students and professionals to explore the edges of the gaming culture.

We use popular culture to debate social issues in an accessible way.

Playing is the core element of our event, we believe game is a source of socializing, a diplomatic tool, a stress releaser, a way to learn or master things and an amazing way to spend our time! Our visitors are invited to participate, try out, watch debate and create, transforming the festival and his experience. It is our intention to present art and artists in playful ways, looking for new and real encounters.

“Come and play with us!”