Zuraida Buter (NL, Amsterdam) – Playful Culture Curator and co-founder Playful Arts Festival

Zuraida Buter runs playful culture organisation zo-ii where she has curated projects such as Incubate Arcade, Screenshake Game Expo and IndieCade Europe, showcasing a wide range of different game projects and artists throughout the years. Zuraida is co-founder of Playful Arts Festival (PAF), which celebrates the intersection of interactive performing arts, visual art and playful design with a focus on social interaction

Zuraida is interested in (creating) spaces for collaboration, encounter and playful experiences. In the past year she’s been experimenting with different formats, materials and approaches.  For The Overkill however she will try something different.

FRIDAY NETWORK 17:00 The ‘epic’ modding realities ‘slideshow’ experience! Slideshows can be presented in many ways, together we will go on a playful adventure. Slide away (no, stay)!