Michael Nagenborg -Assistant Professor for Philosophy of Technology at the University of Twente.

Michael Nagenborg is Assistant Professor for Philosophy of Technology at the University of Twente. He has worked on Surveillance and Security Technologies for many years and is, at the moment, particularly focusing on citizen-centred approaches to urban safety.

Security technologies come with the promise to protect us from various forms of attacks and threats. Yet, there is a price to be paid for TechnoSecurity as security technologies embody distrust. They do not only shield us from potential dangers but also disconnect us from other human beings and challenge our need for solidarity. The protagonist of “Freeze frame” provides us with an extreme example: Having been false accused of murder in the past, he completely withdraws from society and records every second of his life to proof that he doesn’t do anything wrong. Of course, the strategy backfires in the movie and, thus, opens up a discussion about the promise of security technologies. Michael Nagenborg will introduce the audience to some of the underlying themes in the movie and focus on the production of truth, trust, and technology in his talk after the screening.

film+talk “Freeze frame” ZONDAG 14:30

After watching the film “Freeze Frame:” from John Simpson we will elaborate on the notion of safety and security in on-offline platform.The more closed off our network is to outside intrusion the less able is to engage within it which is outside itself (Atari Teenage Riots, Digital Decay)