Jakob la Cour (DA, Copenhagen) Performer and Independent Interaction Artist

Jakob is currently devoting his time to create within the intersection between new technologies like virtual reality and mysticism. For the last 10 years Jakob has created highly participatory experiences such as the immersive treasure hunt The Key Mystery (2019).

The virtual reality theater piece Kattejammer rock (2018). Random Magic (2017) where playful phenomenons are manifested in public. Avatar Controller Maze (2014) where you remote control a human using an app.

Epiphany of Mr. Nielson (2010) about a magical rite of passage in Nigeria. Masque Society (2011) which is about ritual play and games in the city. The Passion Game (2010) combining liturgy and game dynamics. The Cybernetic Loop (2012) concerning artificial intelligence and cybernetics.

Future and VR panel discussion NETWORK FRIDAY 16:00