Guido Bruinsma

Guido Bruinsma has a background in work and organizational psychology. After receiving his Ph.D. he focused his work on the Serious Game design process and Serious Gaming as a vehicle to foster organizational maturement: linking theory from behavioural and organizational sciences with Game Design. He is currently employed at the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences (as associate lector in the field of ‘digitalization in Human Resource Management’), have interests in two companies (VierTwee & Bloqtec) and is one of the founders of Gamelab Oost (foundation for applied gamedesign). At each of these organization his aim is to research and practice serious game design and design based research.

Specialties: Research methodology; Work psychology; Business process modeling; Emergency management; Workflow; Intervention development; Innovation, implementation and Technology use.

eSports & the University of Twente

Over the last years eSports is experiencing a rapid growth in the number of players, spectators, and the amount of revenues and worldwide publicity. The eSport earnings are expected to increase with 8% each year, leading to a staggering 1072 million dollar in 2019. These include media rights, merchandise & tickets, online advertising, and brand partnerships.

Nowadays eSports has become more than the casual game tournament at a game convention. With the maturation of the market surrounding eSports, professional eSport players and player teams came into existence: all battling for their own and their sponsors’ share in the game. Whether it is for league of legends, counterstrike, Dota 2, or the upcoming FIFA e-competition; players are becoming athletes.

This professionalization of eSports has opened new doors for “stats” or data scientists, sport psychologists and physiologists and state of the art (computer) to be part of the endeavor to optimize performance of eSporters. Disciplines on which the University of Twente has earned its stripes. During the talk I will walk you through the UT ambition to welcome eSports as a multidisciplinary field of research with outstanding (fundamental) research and applied potential.

Twente Creators NETWORK FRIDAY 13:10