Frederik Lassen & Jakob Rafnn

Frederik Lassen & Jakob Raffn have been friends for the past 20 years and professionally working together for the past 6 years. 

They have united life sciences, social sciences, philosophy, activism, gaming and IT into progressive projects challenging the structural injustices of societies.

The fundamental work/life approach is entrepreneurial, bottom-up and open source 

Politics of Nature – which will be presented at the Overkill Festival – is their latest project reimagining a new operational system for society through a board game, which they hope to make into a digital game in a foreseen future. Who knows maybe with help from festival participators ?

Politics of Nature Phd presentation by Jakob Raffn NETWORK FRIDAY 15:15

Playful democratie film+talk “Gaming the real world” ZONDAG 11:00

After watching the documentary “gaming the real world” we will discuss with Frederik Lassen (other guest to be confirmed) how gaming can be used to change the rules of our society in a diplomatic, democratic, urban context, etc…