DATE : MON 31-10
TIMES : 19.00 to 22.00
LOCATION : Sickhouse Cinema (before the screening of The Wicker Man)
You need a valid ticket (day or festival) to join.
A tasting performance and sourdough bread recipe with soil.
Soil microbes and yeasts are quintessential ingredients of fertile soil. Often depicted as sources of illness and unsanitary conditions, they are fundamental to the world’s nutrition. Soilbread is a research into the contradiction between social stigma and nutritional dependency of soil. Soilbread intends to reframe the attitude towards terra firma by using it as the main ingredient to bake bread, one of the oldest human made foods.
In/after this time of a global pandemic, Soilbread addresses urgent questions on the human body’s sensitivity toward transformation and contamination. How can humans begin to cohabit with other forms of multispecies encounters?
In collaboration with Broodbakkerij Ex

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