Michael Nagenborg – talk “Should we let Hello Barbie die?”

In the shape of a talk discussion dr Michael Nagenborg will present the problematic of “Hello Barbie”.

“Hello Barbie” is not only a doll anymore it consists now of two parts: the physical object and the cloud-based AI, which adapts to the user over time. “Hello Barbie” and similar smart toys are build on the Western body/mind split. This leads to the question, how to proceed if the doll is broken: Shall we delete the data? Or should we allow users to revitalize the mind of the old Barbie in a new body?

Michael Nagenborg is a philosopher of Technology, who works on the interplay between Cities, Technologies, and Human self-understanding. He is particularly interested in how mundane urban technologies shape and are shaped by city life.


talk : Saturday 24-11 (time tbc)