Queer Arcana

DAT : SAT 29 Oct
TIMES : 19.00 to 22.00
LOCATION : Sickhouse Cinema
You need a valid ticket (day, weekend of festival) to enjoy the show.
The Queer Arcana Liveshow is back! With a brand new casual format: “Chaos Form”!
In this Dungeons and Dragons game-theatre show, the viewers will collectively write the story that the unknowing players of Queer Arcana will improvise while playing the roleplaying game: Dungeons and Dragons! By working together with the show hosts through digital audience participation technology, you will create a thrilling narrative in a fantasy world, together with your fellow audience members.
THE QUEER ARCANA LIVESHOW – CHAOS FORM is a casual/lounge game-theatre experience which relies heavily on participation of the viewers. However, no prior knowledge of the rules of Dungeons and Dragons, Story Writing, or Drag is needed! During this 2 hour performance, we will enter a collective fantastical mindset of wonder, adventure, queerness, and creation.
Queer Arcana is a drag/gamer collective which focusses on the visibility of and the creation of spaces for queer gamers and fantasy enthousiasts. They see it as their mission to expose the joys and beauty of multi-layered identities in queer culture to a broad audience.

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