Niall Moody

DATE : Friday 28-10
TIMES : 16.00
LOCATION : Sickhouse Cinema (network afternoon)
Most games are played according to rules set out by their designers, and players of those games have to play within the designer’s rules. For this workshop, we are going to do things differently. Rather than playing an existing game, and following the rules set out by the game’s designers, we are going to act as both players and designers, and make up our own rules to a game as we play it.
This will be a collaborative workshop/game where we will cooperate to make a game that works for everyone in the room, with the variety of backgrounds and experiences they bring to the table. We might create a game that feels completely new, or it might be a strange combination of familiar elements. Either way, it will be something that is entirely unique to the players/designers of the workshop.
More info: The game will start very simple, with players taking turns to act in the game and/or modify the game’s rules. The list of rules will naturally expand and grow stranger and more chaotic as the game progresses. It will be played in-person, with whatever physical props and resources we have available. We will borrow the X-card concept from TTRPGs in order to safeguard players and ensure the game doesn’t go in a direction that might be uncomfortable for anyone at the table.
You will need a valid ticket to participate (Friday 28-10 Day ticket or weekend ticket or festival ticket)

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