Closing act: 404: from the subconscious to the conscious and back

Andreas Kühne and Benedikt Wöppel, 404: from the subconscious to the conscious and back (live performance)

In their audio-visual improvisations the artists and musicians Andreas Kühne and Benedikt Wöppel challenge the unconscious. At “404” the unconsciousness is represented by an archive of images, symbols and audio-samples, that refer to today’s digital media. By means of musical and virtual audio-visual instruments they select, manipulate and project the material of the archive in order to generate spontaneous and unpredictable scenarios.

Visual world and soundscape emerges intuitively and manifest to ephemeral utopias and dystopias. “404” is an instant science fiction machine, which suggests possible realities from the unknown.

The unknown is the immortal part of the world, from which everything mortal arises, before it collapses and returns to subconsciousness.

Sunday Closing act @17:30