ActoDisko (aka Jasper SchützActoDi’s Experiment, Heipalen and Pronksnor) brings an industrial mix of ambient noise and DIY Techno. His instruments range from old-school drum machines, through DIY sound modules to modified kids toys. Get a vibe of thundering kicks, distorted machines, and eerie chiptunes.

Actodisko live at Modulab Fake Noise 2018

Actodisko (Jasper Schütz, ActoDi's Experiment) performed blazingly hot techno wizardry together with food hacker Esther Buiter and instrument designer/whizzkid Arvid Jense at Modulab Fake Noise.#modulabeindhoven #eindhoven #techno

Geplaatst door Modulab Eindhoven op Zondag 4 maart 2018