Minecraft The Portal of Other World

The film tells of a player named Sam. He lives at a time when the game gets a new update. A new creature is released, but it goes out of control and becomes a threat to the server. Sam is the chosen person who has to kill the bug. Places are reviewed where the bug attacks. More… you can watch at the movie.

Dissemination: PHV Studios (http://ikv.doodlekit.com)
Director: Dimitar Gogov
Story writer: Dimitar Gogov
Actiors voices: Dimitar Gogov
Sound Ex: Dimitar Gogov
Audio Production: Doc Exx
Titles/Credits: Dimitar Gogov
Animations: Slamacow Creations, MineWorks Animations, Dig Build Live, Bootstrap Buckardoo, Captain Sparklez, Dilon Gu, Mama’s Boy, Guruith, Meed Lion, Blue Monkey
Music & Sound: Bootstrap Buckardoo, Slamacow Creations, Mama’s Boy, Captain Sparklez
Songs: Take back the night, Beautiful world, Redstone active, Dragons, Fins the pieces