Matias Brunacci

Ancestral-futurism, techno-shamanism, neo-paganism, and post-humanism, by imagining these new hybrid mixes of artistic forms Matias Brunacci creates a real-time piece at the intersection of virtual reality, live performance, and sound arts.
By using a wireless virtual reality device, Matias acquires the ability to move and appropriate the space in a choreography connected to a virtual sound system continuously stimulated by the movement produced by his body. The result is a virtual reality sound performance that pivots around two worlds: the real one, where all the elements and laws of physics reside, and the virtual one, home of dreams and imaginary rules.
The combination of these two domains is then processed and modified in real-time using custom software, generating a soundscape marked by dance and body language as the main composing tool.


Freedom of Movement is the opening VR Performance of Sensomnia, 28-10-2022 in Metropool
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