Laura A Dima

Touch is a magical power. As an expression of love it is fundamental – children need it to grow up healthy. That adults need touch too, is very much emphasized by today’s situation of lockdown. We are all getting acquainted with the phrase ‘skin hunger’ – as a way of expressing a feeling of loss, now that we can’t always use our bodies to show love. A kiss, a handshake, a high five: human communication isn’t only about language, it involves bodily interaction.
Is it possible to replace bodily touch with an inanimate material? What does a person’s touch say about his or her personality? Questions like these is what “The Finger Rub Rug” is all about.
“The Finger Rub Rug” consists of a carpet of 1300 lifelike silicone replicas of the fingers of the artist’s partner, placed in a dedicated room. You may touch the fingers. They feel warm, thanks to a heating blanket under the installation. As you move around, you might notice that the soft enchanting music sounds different in every corner: scary, funny, exciting. It makes you think about your own judgments. “The Finger Rub Rug” is a serene temple in which we can rethink our physical relationship to each other.

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