Error Instrument

Date : 29-10
Times : 16.00 to 19.00
Location : Sickhouse leaving room
Register by sending a mail to Paul
You need a valid ticket to participate
Cloudbusting is a full Modular experimental synthesiser. It has 12 points that can be patched . 6 modes .Modulation points but also Audio with experimental sounds. Most famous sounds that are used for experimental purposes. as deep Drones. And also the Inspired sound of the plum. The sound of ciat lonbarde plumbutter / Rolls5 Also some weird frequency modulation. And a lot more…
When you join you get to build your module and obviously take it home!
There are 10 spots available.
Send an email for reservation to
You can also make other instruments but we need to know in front.
You will need to pay for the kit upon arrival.
Cloudbusting organic 100 €
Blind noise Touch synthesizer 75€
Error noise lab 75€
Data synth.76€
Prin6 eurorack resonator 70€
Error drum 70€.z

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