Cesar Majorana + The Hmm

DATE : Saturday 29-10
TIME : 14.00
LOCATION : Sickhouse Living room
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Hmmosphere 2.0: capturing a new scent of the internet
Being online stimulates many senses, except for our sense of smell. In April this year The Hmm, a platform for internet cultures, launched Hmmosphere; a scent that encapsulates the smell of our internet, created by artist Cesar Majorana.
Together, we are convinced that there’s not one smell of the internet. Hmmosphere translates The Hmm’s ideal internet experience—creative, experimental, critical, transparent and weird—into a diverse scent experiment. But probably Instagram smells totally different, just like Reddit, Twitter or YouTube. During this workshop Cesar Majorana and The Hmm take you on a sensory internet tour. Together we’ll define how certain corners of the internet might smell. On the spot Cesar will create this limited edition of Hmmosphere that, of course, you can take home.
You need a day ticket, a weekend ticket or a festival ticket to attempt the workshop.

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