Jessy Jetpacks

In Jessy Jetpacks’ work the user is supposed to sit down – in the virtual as well as in the physical room. In the virtual space the user sits in a room, in which the roof and the 4th wall is missing. This opens the view to a deserted, surrealistic-looking landscape with a sped up day-night-cycle. A corresponding music follows the day and night rhythm and underlines the atmosphere and thereby intensifies the experience. By creating a similar situation in the physical and virtual space the borders between both worlds become blurred. As a result the viewer’s mind struggles to locate their physical presence. Being visually in the virtual the users are given a surreal surrogate. A cloud of light particles appears and begins to form the lower half of the user’s virtual body. Becoming milky and watery a pair of legs emerge, grow across the room, shrink back into the body and eventually disperse as sparks floating in the darkness. The limits of the real are crossed.

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