November 28 & 29!

The Overkill Hackathon

The theme of the anual “The Overkill” festival for this year is “the end of the world as you know it”. We want to look at communities and collaborative platforms that are experimenting with new ways of living together in a catastrophic environmental and economical context. If video games are often about saving the world, we want to explore the different scenarios of gaming and movies and see how this can stimulate a social debate. With help of a number of datasets filled with info of previous protests and digital activism, you are going to create an interactive experience that triggers people.

For whom?

Are you a game developer, musician, software developer, artist, data analyst, creative coder, video- and/or photographer, project manager, or just a super enthusiastic person who loves making something cool with a team in a pressure cooker environment; then this is your chance for this amazing experience. You absolutely do not have to be a coder. Anyone with a creative and/or work diligently mind can join.

Do you have a team (with a maximum of 5 persons) and are you bound to create something amazing? Good! Do you want to sign up as an individual? Good! We can hook you up with a great team.

All gainings will be donated to charity. This charity will be announced later, but it will have to do something with the theme of The Overkill 2020.

But what will you get in return?

  • Killer support from professionals during the entirety of the hackathon

  • A launch with speakers out of the industry

  • A great discord server with every attendee to hype each other up for the event and share ideas.

  • A great number of workshops and talks hosted by The Overkill festival

  • An unforgettable experience