The theme of the festival “the end of the world as you know it” is an invitation to find inspiration in fiction and playfulness to reimagine the future and stimulate social debate.

For the Hackathon, creators, coders, game developers or curious minds are invited to create an experience about digital activism. With the help of a number of datasets filled with info of previous protests each teams has 2 days to conceptualise and create an interactive project.


28&29 November 2020

The Jury consist of : Mothgame maker of This Too Shall Pass (NZ), Frederik Lassenco-initiator Politics of Nature (DN), Isabelle Arvers, curator game and art (FR), Aleksander Kauch, lead game programmer for This War of Mine (PL). Friday 4 December, the Jury will present the best projects at 20:30 in the Youtube stream of the festival.

Each participant of the Hackathon is invited to make a small donation. The total amount will be matched by The Overkill ( to a limit of 300€) and donated to #iamhere international.

I Am Here International has inspired 150 000 people from all over the world to take up the fight for a democratic and inclusive society. #iamhere’s method is to encourage people to speak up and engage in online debate; Members of the network counteract hate speech and misinformation on social media to strengthen journalists and politicians and opinion formers by making people react and stand up when others are exposed to hatred and threats. To stop the polarization by taking the political discussion in a constructive and factual manner. And to prevent the spread of disinformation by helping others with sources of factual information.