The Legend of Zelda: The Hero of Time (Joel Musch) USA 2009

Saturday 23-11 at 16:30

Based on Nintendo’s “Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” video game, “The Hero of Time” follows protagonist Link (David Blane) who journeys to find answers to his identity and his nightmares of a captive princess.

Leaving behind his home in the forests where he was found, his quest leads him into the land of Hyrule. Upon his arrival, Link meets Princess Zelda (Hannah Rose Fierman) and learns that he is one of three guardians of the legendary Triforce and of the prophecy that a hero will rise up to save the land from the tyrannical grip of the gerudo sorcerer Ganondorf (Adam Boyer).

In time, Ganondorf and his mean seize the castle. Link and the princess flee to avoid capture, and Link finds the Temple of Time which holds the Master Sword. Taking hold of the sword to fight the evil in the land, Link finds that he is transported several years into the future, where the land is desolate and oppressed, and he realizes then that he must regain the sword’s power to defeat Ganondorf andreclaim peace in the land of Hyrule.