Godzilla Vs A Stranger (SUPERTOHOREMIX) 2019

Sunday 24-11 7:00

“Time has passed since the near world ending meltdown that occurred in 1996. Godzilla was dead, leaving his sole surviving infant to carry the mantle. No one has seen Junior since, as it’s believed he dwells on an island far away from prying eyes & living in peace.

This serenity is shattered when Junior stumbles across A stray Mothra larva and takes her in. Something happened to this larva, and like Junior, she is now an orphan.

Still traumatised by the events of that fateful event long gone, Junior refuses to fight unless it’s absolutely necessary… and that necessity is fast approaching. There is A Stranger in their midst, one mutated and brought to being by a time shattering anomaly back before Junior emerged from his egg…

For the first time, Junior not only has to fight without the presence of those he once knew, but also, he now has someone to protect, something to fight for. He must once again go toe-to-toe with death itself as the mystery deepens in … Godzilla Vs A Stranger”