Ghostface Vs Jason Voorhees Vs The Miner (Ryan Richert) 43min

Sunday 24-11 9:00

Mortal terror comes in many forms. For the community of Woodsborrow, it took the shape of a tortured girl twisted into an unrelenting killer. In Crystal Lake, it has stalked the unsuspecting as a brutal source of legend. Now, prepare to witness the emergence of a new evil, one plucked straight from the darkest recesses of human trauma…

After confronting a cloaked maniac, Jason Voorhees seems to have put an end to the menace of Ghostface once and for all. Or has he? In the grisly aftermath, Matt’s life is irrevocably changed forever. His clash with Jason will prove to transform everything around him, leading him down a dire path that will soon force him to choose between reason and utter depravity. Smoothly paced and full of evocative performances, “The Miner vs. Jason” is a shocker unlike those before it!

Drama, excitement, and humor accompany the thrill ride all the way to a heart-pounding showdown.