DAWN’: A (Fan-Made) Before the Storm Story (Carrsan Morrissey) USA 2018

Saturday 23-11 at 12:00

Chloe Price has never had it easy. When her father died in a tragic car accident and her best friend Max moved away in the same year, it seemed the whole world was out to get her. Three years later (two years before the events of “WHAT IF?”), in steps Rachel Amber, the “princess” of Blackwell Academy. Beautiful, intoxicating, and mysterious, Rachel shakes up Chloe’s world, pulling her into the adventure of a lifetime. But will Chloe be able to find peace within herself while helping Rachel to

discover the hidden truth of her childhood? Or will the flames of the past ignite an inferno that threatens to swallow them both? Based on the award-winning video game franchise “Life is strange”, DAWN follows 16-year-old Chloe Price, desperate to overcome grief and loneliness with the help of the beautiful and mysterious Rachel Amber.