The Overkill festival will be held in Enschede on the 23th, 25th and 25th of November 2018. For this new edition the festival will invade the start-up community under the theme “Immortality”.

We are presenting a great selection of games, from indie to RETRO and modern newest. There are interactive installations with a special part in VR and a B-movies film program made by our partner Cultzine TOTF.

The Overkill is a 48+1 hour nonstop event
Opening time: Friday 18:00
Closing time: Sunday 18:00
Address: Ariensplein 7513 AB Enschede

But to make this awesome festival happen we need you! We are looking for volunteers to help us build up the week before the festival, during the festival and the few days after the festival to clean up and take down the festival. Volunteers can help at the entrance/bar or can provide general support, for example for our artists.

Every shift will be 6 hours, in which you and a team of other volunteers help organizing this unique event. Apart from our eternal gratitude you will receive free entrance to The Overkill Festival for the weekend. We will also make sure you get enough coupons to get yourself some snacks and drinks from the Overkill Bar. You can even earn an extra ticket for your friend/neighbor/colleague/great-aunt or whomever you like, by working a nightshift (from 02.00 till 08.00) or two daytime shifts!

Do you want to be a volunteer? Give us as shoutout at info@theoverkill.nl and we will contact you as soon as possible!