Machinima – 99 Problems

99 problems, Georgie Roxby Smith works across a range of disciplines exploring new pathways between virtual and physical worlds. Employing a variety of tools – including 3D graphics, live performance, shared virtual and gaming spaces, installation and projection – these works explore the increasingly blurred border between identity, materiality, reality, virtuality and fantasy in contemporary culture.

Violence is claimed and turned on itself by the female protagonist in 99 Problems [WASTED] in a dualistic moment of empowerment and defeat.The action of ‘playing to win’ is neutralised as she ritualistically performs and re-performs her own violent suicide in front of disinterested players and characters. At once, an unheard digital cry for help against a wall of self-absorbed in-game characters, a martyr action of feminist protest against the treatment of her fellow female characters in gaming history and a claiming of her own death prior to her inevitable violent murder.