In their research the artists find that all material and non material expressions can be brought back to fabric/matter and […]
The stories we tell ourselves is an interactive and cooperative story-telling game created to reflect on the impact of fiction […]
To celebrate her 20 years as curator in the fields of art and video games, Isabelle Arvers embarks on a […]
A 27-hour long video made using a version of Pokémon Red for Game Boy which has been hacked by the […]
The Sonotrope is a Virtual Reality installation and performance tool, a spatial music creation and playback system for sound-artist and […]
Technologies of Care​ documents new ways in which service and affective labor are being outsourced via internet platforms, exploring topics […]
Primal nest is an experimental 3d video game where the viewer is invited to zoom into the frame and navigate […]
Within the context of Korean diaspora, ‘seaweed soup’ much like a birthday cake, is a dishmany korean have on their […]
Mystical Touch is a 15-minute immersive one-on-one mixed-reality performance for awakening high-level sensory awareness. The audience are equipped with a […]
TeYosh is developing a visual novel through the medium of face filters. The visual novel would process the topics that […]
Plato’s Theory of Forms is an epistemological response to the nature of reality. This means Plato attempts to answer the […]
HanaHana “Full Bloom” immerses users in a surreal universe in which a gleaming sun beats down on a crimson lake […]
Data mutations is a collective and open source project conducted by individuals (based around the world) working with interactive software/video […]
The Lacuna is a volatile room that keeps changing around its guest – shifting in scale and mutating its architectural […]
If future humans (or post-humans) ever live in completely virtual worlds, what would their lives look like? The VR project […]
Al¿ve is installation questioning the emergence of digital life: a digital species that lives on a personal app. Conceived according […]