Isabelle Arvers

Isabelle Arvers is co-curator of the gaming and art program of The Overkill 2020. In 2019, she started her project “ART & GAMES WORLD TOUR” where she travels the world searching for different paths into indie games and interactive art.


After one year touring the art & games global south world, that brought her to Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, India, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Ghana and Togo, Isabelle Arvers looks back at all the encounters and interviews she had with artists working with games as a medium, game makers, queer activists and curators focusing on female, queer, feminist and decolonial practices.Isabelle Arvers found out that today we have to speak of neo-colonialism rather than post-colonialism in which soft power plays a huge rĂ´le to impose a monopolistic culture.

She met some of the artists and activists of this new generation making its own decolonization. A new world is emerging and affirming its own voice, stopping to work for or like the others, but rather recalling its own history, roots and beliefs.
These tendencies resonate with the feminist book : Don’t liberate us, we’ll take care of it (2020) by Bibia Pavard, Florence Rochefort and Michelle Zancarini-Fournel; and the quote from Felwin Sarr “Decolonization has to be done in both sides of the mediterranean sea.”
It is now possible to produce counter-fictions, strong enough to deconstruct and fight the soft power effects of cultural imperialism and send it back by reappropriating the tools, ressources and references. Making new alliances, new kin families alike, we can now reinvente discourses on ourselves.