The stories we tell ourselves (SickLAB project)- Aart Odding, Samantha Valenzuela, Yoann Latzer

The stories we tell ourselves is an interactive and cooperative story-telling game created to reflect on the impact of fiction on reality. Players are invited to create a story together reacting to pre-written prompts. Each step of the story is then animated by the players thanks to a motion sensing device (Kinect). After each session the players can discover the edited results and analyse their creations.

TheThe project is an attempt of playful awareness on the power of fiction on reality, the creative possibilities and responsibilities of the modders. The project also looks into our pre-conception of reality and the deconstruction of stereotypes.

Produced by the Overkill festival, the installation is part of the research project SickLAB modding realities. This research is looking into the meaning of reality in a digitalised society.