Mystical Touch – Jakob La Cour & Nikolaj Stausbøl (VR experience)

Mystical Touch is a 15-minute immersive one-on-one mixed-reality performance for awakening high-level sensory awareness. The audience are equipped with a virtual reality headset, wireless headphone, and a vibration vest – then the audience blindfolded enter the ritual installation space to encounter mystical touch-points of energetic transformation. In a direct and personal meeting with the performer Jakob la Cour, the audience is taken on an intimate techno-spiritual journey. 

“I’d like to thank you for this ethereal, otherworldly experience… I loved every aspect of it: from its physicality, sensuality, intimacy to its mind-blowing graphics… it was extraordinary to experience a dream while still awake!”
– Audience at Nordic Panorama Festival 2019

Powered by cutting edge immersive tools Mystical Touch uses room-scale VR to allow the viewer to co-habit and enable 6DOF interaction. Wireless radio frequency headphones receive softly spoken words from a wireless microphone. A vibration vest is triggered based on input from the virtual environment and the performers user-input. All the elements are brought together in the Unity real-time engine where the intelligent, responsive systems are integrated and additional runtime procedural art direction executed.

Mystical Touch is a 20-minute, 3-stage journey, accommodating 1 participants at a time. It involves 5 mins sensory preparation, 10 mins multiplayer VR experience, and 5 mins integration & reflection.