Mille Plateaux (SickLAB project) – Daniel Maalman, Naveen Kumar Setty, Wouter Kops

Plato’s Theory of Forms is an epistemological response to the nature of reality. This means Plato attempts to answer the question ‘what is true reality?’. The idea is that every object in the world we see, is a less-perfect copy of an ideal object found in a world that Plato calls the ‘Realm of the Forms’. Our souls have visited the Realm of the Forms before entering our bodies and so this is how we can identify common objects such as a ‘chair’ or a ‘cat’. 

The interactive installation Mille Plateaux is using stained glass, light projection and shadows to experiment with this theory. 

Produced by the Overkill festival, the installation is part of the research project SickLAB modding realities. This research is looking into the meaning of reality in a digitalised society.