Garden of Yaloo Seaweed (Yaloo)- AGWT selection from Isabelle Arvers

Within the context of Korean diaspora, ‘seaweed soup’ much like a birthday cake, is a dishmany korean have on their birthdays. Extending from this anecdote, ‘Yaloo Seaweed Project’ explores the multiple narratives within East Asia, from Japan’s seaweed harvest rituals on Lunar New Year’s to China’s rapid growing consumption of seaweed. With this growing demand, the seaweed cultivation technology in response is developing rapidly driven by the socio-economic boost of seaweed rising as one of the ‘star’ export products of Asia. Technological advancement spreads wider and broader in this context.

Reflecting on the relationship between highly commercialized products like seaweed and technology, ‘Yaloo Seaweed Project’ creates a form of translation through technology specifically projection mapping and Virtual Reality. The installation constructs an inclusive and immersive mythology of multi-sensory experience with infinite new ‘faces’.

Under an inseparable influence of Asian heritage and a mind of habitual tourists, Yaloo creates technically rich, visually extravagant works that deal with the images of contemporary culture that reflects the timeless quest for advancing human conditions and sense of well-being.

Yaloo experiments her video installations in various forms from single channel video, large scale media façade, projection mapping sculptures, digital textiles to Virtual Reality application. Yaloo’s works lead the audience to an immersive experience reminiscent of a theme park.

made with the technical support of Luxi Liu