2K19: Who wore it best – Teyosh

TeYosh is developing a visual novel through the medium of face filters. The visual novel would process the topics that were buzzing in 2019 on social media, embedding themselves in the mainstream culture. On one side of the spectrum, social media raised awareness on Climate Change fueling global protests and creating a platform for a world-famous teenage environmentalist. On the other side is the behemoth that started it all – the Overconsumption, which is more potent than ever, in part due to social media again. Social media drove fashion sales, as brands found yet another way to communicate with consumers obsessing over their self-image. Fascination with the self and self-promotion haven’t died out, and Narcissism seems to be a spoken language of Gen Z. In self-expressing, diversity is celebrated and so Empowerment becomes another notable buzzword.  

Four filters will be developed for the audience to try out themselves, projecting a layer of digital onto their faces. The work will later on, progress into a video form resembling the style of a drama play(it would contain prologue, chapters, and epilogue). By using the face filters as a mean of communication we would give visitors the active protagonist’s role.

Project co-produced by The Overkill festival