Data Mutation – AAA collective (online gaming performance)

Data mutations is a collective and open source project conducted by individuals (based around the world) working with interactive software/video game engines .

The question this project seeks to inquire is: which kinds of experimental interactive systems are possible in the framework of commercial game engine if the pressure of time consuming, skill-heavy asset creation is circumvented by the creation of a collective gene pool? In this sense the focus shifts from specialist and meticulously pipelined craftsmanship as the prevalent mode of creation of commercial video games to a potential opening for the exploration of concepts, personal readings of source material and new forms of collectivized artistic labour.

In a first stage various assets were produced (audio, textures, 3d objects, shader code, long/short form text) that served as a “gene pool” of usable modules and building blocks. In a second stage the participants created nine individual projects (expressions or “phenotypes”) using the same assets.

AAA is a collective that uses video-game engines, web technologies, performance and lectures as part of our creative practice. Reflection on labor, collaboration and culture building is at the basis of much of their work. the members are based in Berlin, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Since 2015, they are curating aaartgames, a public community event in Berlin, investigating how video-games, virtual worlds and experimental CGI intersect with art and culture.

AAA is Fedya Balashov, Matias Brunacci, Troy Duguid, Gabriel Helfenstein, Yulija Kozhemyako, Chloê Langford, Merle Leufgen, Tristan Neu, Jessica Palmer