ART+GAMES world tour, Isabelle Arvers

To celebrate her 20 years as curator in the fields of art and video games, Isabelle Arvers embarks on a world tour that takes her to over 15 countries: South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, India, Colombia, Argentina, Brasil, Mexico, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine. She is meeting digital artists and independent game developers in order to come back with a richer, non Global North-centric and more nuanced overview of the different ways gaming communities across the world are exploring the issue of diversity, with an emphasis on female, queer and decolonial practices.

As part of her  world tour Isabelle is sharing some of her beautiful encounters with art and game creatives met in Korea, Indonesia and Japan. Each creation is a travel deep inside inter species imaginaries, modding our perception of our surroundings, taking us into natural virtual and surreal worlds. Dance in a seaweed soup on the sound of K-pop, become a firefly and look for the secrets of Mother nature in a colorful indonesian forest, immerse yourself into the loom of a nest from a vagina perspective, make new friends in the so called virtual world, and step into the hand drawn nature of wondering wander and feel the magic of being a rabbit… You’re in! You’ve been modded!

Isabelle Arvers selection:

Garden of Yaloo Seaweed (Yaloo)
Primal Nest (Sanglim Han)
Wander in Wonder (Komitsu)
She and the light bearer (Brigitta Rena Mojiken Studio)
Wallflower, (Hyun Cho)

ART+ GAMES world tour is supported by CNC DICREAM and CNAP