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In order to visit the festival you need to get a valid ticket :
The Overkill festival is organised and produced by Sickhouse’s team. We are able to present our ambitious and carefully selected programs thanks to the support of different public and private fundings and the incomes of the entrance and bar. The festival is able to pay its team and all the artists participating in the programs and welcoming you is only possible thanks to the support of our amazing volunteers.

The Overkill festival is working hard to respect the Fair Practice code for Fair Pay, Fair Share, Fare Chain.

We are asking you to support us in this with an entrance fee.

  • DAY TICKETS gives you access to the festival for one day, all the programs of that day are included (on the opening day you will need an extra ticket for Sensomnia).


  • WEEKEND TICKETS (28 to 30-11): gives you access for The Overkill from Friday 28-10 to Sunday 30-10. You will need another ticket to access Sensomnia, but the rest of the weekend programs are included within this ticket.


  • FESTIVAL TICKETS (28/10 to 4/11): Gives you access to all the days and weekend of the festival. You are welcome at Sensomnia and you will be contacted for the Symposium/dinner, since we need registration in order to prepare the right amount of seats.


  • SYMPOSIUM (WEDNESDAY 2-11) TICKETS : On Wednesday is our symposium/dinner taking place at Tankstation. When you buy a day ticket for Wednesday you will be contacted about your participation to the symposium/dinner. (no extra costs).


  • SENSOMNIA (FRIDAY 28-10) TICKETS : Tickets for the Multi Sensory rave on the opening night of the festival. The party is in Metropool, accessible to everyone, created with deaf and hard of hearing colleagues.

COMBI TICKETS SENSOMNIA. This tickets is a great deal to combine your visit of the festival with our multi sensory rave Sensomnia.
FRIDAY COMBI includes the network program and the opening night of the festival at Sickhouse on Friday 28-10 + the multi sensory rave in Metropool.
WEEKEND COMBI includes all the programs of the weekend from Friday 28-10 to Sunday 30-10 + the multi sensory rave in Metropool.

ROODKAPJE BUS TOUR “Witch way to The Overkill festival”. This ticket is a special ticket for people in Rotterdam, for Saturday 29-10.

If you are not able to pay for your ticket but you would love to visit us, you can join the volunteer family or apply for a social ticket. We have 50 social tickets available for the festival. Write us a mail motivating your reasons. We will make sure to answer you fast. mail to Aike@www.theoverkill.nl