Ryan Cherewaty

Interfacing with Reality: Techno-magical methods
Hybrid Symposium Royal
DATE : 2 Nov
TIME : 17.00 to 19.00 online cooking show// 19.30 to 22.00 dinner
LOCATION : online + Tankstation cultureel vulpunt
Ryan Cherewaty will discuss strategies of accessing and interfacing with abstracted knowledge through technological means. Linking ancient to emerging systems, Ryan will connect an associative constellation of Greek mythology, 20th century folk witchcraft, cybernetic theory and the poetics of AI. These concepts can be collectively seen as a cultural phenomenon of techne, the weaving & fabrication of ideas through alchemical means. During this talk Ryan Cherewaty will prepare an ancient Greek ritual beverage called Kykeon and an updated modern version for contemporary consumption.
Ryan Cherewaty is a media artist from Toronto Canada currently based in Rotterdam. The zone between dream and reality is continuously closing with the arrival of the latest technology developments. It is precisely in that twilight zone that forms the starting point in the work of Ryan Cherewaty.

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