Rebecca Merlic

GLITCHBODIES, is an experimental game that explores new feminism, LGBTQ+ Draq transformations and intimate sensitive portrayals of the more than 47 protagonists in Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Zagreb and Bangkok- to be continued in London and Tokyo 2022. It is a play of transformation, a catwalk of vogueism, exhibitionism & voyeurism. Declared as ‘Virtual Pleasure Drama Art Game’, the game contains intimate narratives and poems, which, with the help of new technologies such as 3D scans and virtual worlds, as well as conventional film footage, generate a new kind of game that fuses virtuality, digitality and reality.
Portals of Glitch suck you into an eternal loop of experiencing bodies, minds and thoughts. The game is a safe platform for an infinite number of non-heteronormative gender positions which share a meaning of queer in the sense of political attitude towards critique of power and a life beyond heteronormativity.

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