No Time

Marble Run is a fast-paced local co-op game, played on a 3×3 video wall with alternative game controllers.
As grumpy marbles make their way through a mazy and slightly confusing contraption of a marble run, you have to communicate and coordinate with your team to make sure all buttons are pressed, bridges are placed, levers are shifted, and wires are plugged, so the marbles find their right way. Assign each marble the correct colour and shape, so it can reach the end. Arrange your resources well to collect bonus points. But be careful! Otherwise, marbles get lost – or even destroyed – on the way.
Marble Run is a combination of digital content and a hardware-based alternative controller. The game controller consists of a variation of modular input components, which are placed in the spaces between screens. For an amazing experience, we suggest to play with at least 3 players.

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