Nkisi produces intense, powerful club tracks equally influenced by African polyrhythms, hardcore techno, and ’70s Italian horror films. The London-based musician and visual artist is one of the co-founders of NON Worldwide, a collective of experimental artists from across the African diaspora.
After releasing several digital and vinyl EPs throughout the 2010s, Nkisi’s full-length debut, 7 Directions, appeared in 2019. In 2020, Nkisi’s new label INITIATION emerges with INT001, a 3 track EP melting rhythmic noise strategies with secret drum languages from Ancient Kongo traditions. As a fierce DJ, Nkisi channels 160+ bpm kick drums, metallic hectic percussions and hypnotizes the dance floor into a ritualistic transcendental space.
Nkisi is doing a set at Sensomnia, multi sensory rave, on the opening night 28-10 in Metropool
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