Niall Moody

DATE : Saturday 29-10
TIMES : 17.00 – 19.00
LOCATION : Sickhouse living room
Growing up, we have all played a variety of folk games; from playground games, to games taught to us by our parents or siblings, to games that we created ourselves. As adults though, we don’t get much opportunity to revisit those kind of games, except sometimes as spectators.
That’s what this workshop is for: we’re going to play some folk games together. And we’re going to share some of the games that we grew up with, or that are unique to the places we come from. We might even create some new games of our own.
This is going to be a relatively physical workshop, so be prepared to move about a lot. It is also intended to be an inclusive workshop, so we will aim to play games that accommodate a variety of skill levels, physical capabilities, etc. And there will be no requirement that you have to join in every game; players will be free to step back and act as spectators, or take a break, whenever you want to.
You will need a valid ticket to the festival to participate to the workshop. (Saturday day ticket, weekend ticket or festival ticket)

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