Laura A.Dima

Chocolate Finger Bite
Hybrid Symposium Royal
DATE : 2 Nov
TIME : 17.00 to 19.00 online cooking show// 19.30 to 22.00 dinner
LOCATION : online + Tankstation cultureel vulpunt
Several years ago, Laura A.Dima stumbled upon a video of visually-impaired people touching and feeling classical marble sculptures. There appeared to be a deeply sensuous element to their experience, an embodied encounter with every cold and chiselled torso. When museum visits often focus on sight, this experience seemed to generate an immediate and visceral reaction. There was in their experience something closer to the unfettered and subversive energy creative processes imply.
This epiphany triggered the development of socio-affective touch as a vital aspect of Laura A.Dima’swork. Exploring the sensorial effects of different materials in contact with our bodies, A.Dima invites us to rediscover touch in the context of a world in digitalisation.
For the Hybrid Symposium dinner, Laurais casting vegan chocolate fingers, spiced with different flavour and textures, while introducing research on how we perceive the world via touch.
Laura A Dima is a multidisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Dima’s work and research results in multimedia art installations that explore cultural norms around touch, intimacy and privacy.

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