Juliette Lizotte
Sisters of the Wind

Sisters of the Wind is the fruit of an artistic research on witches, ecofeminism, and science-fiction carried out between 2018 and 2021. It is a story woven through seven videos to be experienced in two distinct ways: as an online world-building workshop and role play session or as an interactive audiovisual performance.

 Sisters… ˜o˚ ’’.)* ‘ ’’.’··º ° ’’ ’ ‘ ·‘ ‘0’ .º•.· ·.˜ *,’,˚˚ ˚oº°•˜
 The wind is returning, as it always does. Sometimes it blows so hard that it carries artefacts away from the cities it tore apart, seeds from far away places, trees that didn’t have enough time to grow stronger… That’s why you always seek a protected area to settle in, relocating as the wind comes and goes in waves. You are witches. You pay attention to the world and try to make sense of this life together through the phases of the moon from maiden to mother to crone. In your community, the feminine spirit dominates, and all gender expressions are celebrated. When your precarious life is threatened by an unsettling prophecy announcing a deadly wind that will prepare the earth for a new cycle, will you go on a journey to find the source of this wind? What will you discover on the way? How will this transform you, your sisters, and the earth forever?

Let’s embark together on this wonderful adventure!

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