Ginevra Petrozzi

Living within a society soaked in digital data, we all leave behind a large amount of personal information stored on our computers, smartphones and other digital devices. As a result, we are now facing the new, scary thought that we may lose everything altogether. This possibility comes with new feelings, new systems of relationships formed between us and our digital selves which are not fully acknowledged, nor ritualised.
Inspired by the concept of Data Healing as a process to instill rituality in the digital world, artist and “digital witch” Ginevra Petrozzi questions how we experience grief over the loss of our Data.

To think of “A Funeral for Digital Data“, Petrozzi critically attempts to restore and re-enchant our relationship with the internet and technology, while addressing urgent topics, such as loss and grief in the digital age. Drawing on traditions in death rituals and mourning rites, Petrozzi activates a material installation to become a place for ceremony and retreat, in which Data can be grieved, digital devices should be protected and where machines need blessings just as much as humans.

Performance: Friday 4 Nov from 16.00 to 20.00
Location : Expo

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