Annika Kappner

Deep Planetary Sensing is an ongoing participatory research project that seeks to add experiential perspectives to the contemporary relationship between human, nature and technology. It takes the form of immersive installations, guided meditations, workshops, performance lectures and a webplatform to reconnect with our individual and collective bodies, and to enter into conversation with GAIA, the living planet we are part of. The project explores in different chapters how we can relate differently to ourselves and the biosphere through the somatic and experiential dimensions of the 5 alchemic elements Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Ether.


Addressing concepts of non-duality and otherness through direct sensorial experience it generates an embodied understanding that is complementary to the contemporary ecofeminist discourse; it aims to fully enable an emancipation not only of ways of ecological thinking, but also of ways of sensing – hence imagining and acting – to co-create alternative realities.

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