Albert Birney & Gabriel Koenig

DATE : THUR 3-11
TIMES: 14.30 to 18.00
18.00 Soup & Bread (vegan)
19.30 Tux & Fanny 2 (the film) Preview screening + Q&A
LOCATION : Sickhouse Workshop space + Cinema
REGISTER HERE, You need a valid ticket to participate
All participants will be creating multiple simple comics (likely in a 3-4 panel format that Tux and Fanny originated in) over the course of the master class. The focus will be on the writing process, but they’ll be dipping into a lot of different types of quick exercises to help inspire participants between each new comic. Inspired by the creating process of Albert and Gabriel while making Tux & Fanny, these exercises will include free-writing, group improv, drawing games, and more (as we continue to explore the many workflows Albert & Gabriel found effective in their own processes).
About Tux & Fanny the game
About Tux & Fanny the film

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