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. What can I find at the festival ?

The Overkill festival presents an exhibition with interactive and digital art, video games and installations, workshops, a film program, live music, performances, and an hybrid symposium/dinner.
To access the festival you need a valid ticket. You can buy the ticket online or at the entrance PIN only.
We have adult tickets, student tickets and social tickets. The festival is for free for children under 16.00. The night program (after 22.00) is 18+
The exhibition is on two floors (2nd of Warp Technopolis and Sickhouse).
At Sickhouse you will also find the cinema, the bar, the catering, the terrace and the podium.
Check the program’s schedule to find where are your favourite programs.
You need to register to participate to most of the workshops.

. Is there drinks and food at the festival ?

The Overkill is hosted at Sickhouse, where a bar with all kind of drinks is available, from coffee to cocktails.
On Friday 28-10, Saturday 29-10, Sunday 30-10 and Friday 4-10 there will be a small vegan catering service from ETN Salad. From 18.00 to 20.30
On Saturday 29-10 There will also be Pizza’s from Pizza Force :). After 21.00

. Is the festival accessible for everyone ?

The Overkill festival is a safe space.
We ask everyone who enters the festival to be kind and respectful to everyone else. We do not tolerate any form of sexual intimidation, discrimination and aggression. It will lead to an immediate removal from the space. Don’t hesitate to contact any of crew if you encounter any problem.
You can find our complete code of conduct here (link coming soon).


The main exhibition of the festival is hosted at Sickhouse.
Address : Stationsplein 1a, Enschede
Distance from central train station: 96 meter.
Distance from bus station: 170 meter
Parking: Parkeergarage Stationsplein, distance: 100 meter.
Sickhouse is sadly only accessible by stairs (2 and 3 floors high).
Sickhouse is on the top two floors of WARP Technopolis. The building itself, the exhibition space and Sickhouse, are filled with lights in different colours and moving images. There will be sounds coming from the artworks. In the exhibition area, you will find a ‘quiet’ room where you can stay and relax, without a lot of input from the outside. However, sounds still might be present from the surrounding exhibitions.


Sensomnia is a multi sensory rave, created in collaboration with deaf and hard of hearing colleagues. It is our intention to make the event as welcoming as possible for everyone.
Location : Metropool
Address : Willem Wilminkplein 2, Enschede
Distance from central station: 260 meter
Distance from bus station: 350 meter
Distance from Sickhouse: 170 meter
Parking: Parkeergarage Stationsplein, distance: 280 meter
Metropool is accessible by wheelchair. Metropool asks to make a special reservation when you come by wheelchair, you can do that through their website; www.metropool.nl . Metropool is a big, open venue. During Sensomnia, we are focussing on all the senses, so there will be visuals, smells, sounds, lights, and food to taste.


Symposium, Wednesday 2 November
Location : Tankstation Cultureel Vulpunt,
Address : Deurningerstraat 28, Enschede
Distance from central station: 550 meter
Distance from bus station: 700 meter
Distance from Sickhouse: 500 meter
Parking: all around Tankstation Cultureel Vulpunt are paid parking spots
Tankstation is accessible by wheelchair. The toilets however are regular sized toilets, without accessibility system. During this evening, we eat and cook together, while the guests of the symposium will talk. This is an experimental Hybrid event combining on site and online guests. This will also be live streamed to watch from your house, with subtitles as much as possible.


Please note that the whole program of The Overkill Festival and much of the artworks, are in English.
If you have a question regarding accessibility don’t hesitate to contact Niels via mail : niels@www.theoverkill.nl


The Overkill festival is for everyone. Children are also welcome under the supervision of adults. The evening and night program is for 18 +.
The festival is free for Children under 16.


Check out the program before your visit.

. How can I help?

The Overkill festival is possible only thanks to the help of many people and volunteers. You have some time and energy, you like to play, to support artists, to welcome people and the help out?
Here is the link to our volunteer Form
Yari is the volunteer coordinator, she will get in contact with you very soon after you fill in the form!

. What else can I do in Enschede on the days of the festival?

The Overkill is the coolest event of the week obviously, but if you come visit us, you might like these other spaces too:
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XPO The Green House
Het Paradijs (website)
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Comicasa (boardgames store)
Studio spitsbaard vintage (to get your festival outfit)
Thrift Tale Enschede (to get another festival outfit 😉