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The Overkill exhibition & main program (28-10 t/m 04-11-2022)
Sickhouse, Stationsplein 1A, 7511JD Enschede

Sensomnia (28-10-2022)
Metropool, Willem Wilminkplein 2, 7511PG Enschede

Symposium (2-11-2022)
Tankstation, Deurningerstraat 28, 7514 BJ Enschede


Marie Janin & Aike Lütkemöller, Co-directors
marie@www.theoverkill.nl / aike@www.theoverkill.nl

Niels F. Rodenburg, Public Relations

Alex Hodge, Social Media

Yari Rabadán, Volunteers + Sensomnia coordinator

Nikoletta Vaxevani, Intern film program

Gert- Jan Bos, Sebastian Grave, Chris Spruijtenburg, Noah Freriksen Technical team

Justin van Brussel, Sound technician

Vincent Verhagen, treasurer

Manon Bachelier, Clara Pasteau, Identity, graphics and web development



Would you like to volunteer and support the festival? We are looking for all kinds of support, before, during and after the festival, as hosts, builders, runners, photographers etc…
Check out the form here

Yari is our wonderful volunteer coordinator and she is happy to answer your questions via mail : Yari@www.theoverkill.nl


The Overkill’s main exhibition, cinema and workshop program are hosted on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building, which are sadly only accessible by stairs.
Some of these events will be accessible online, check out the program to find out which ones.

Sensomnia, the opening afterparty, is hosted in Metropool. The multi sensory rave is created in collaboration with deaf and hearing impaired colleagues. It is an attempt to create raves for a larger public, with sign interpreters and multi sensory stimulations.

This year the Symposium of The Overkill is a dinner. It will take place in Tankstation which is accessible for everyone.

Don’t hesitate to send us a mail if you have questions or special requests. We are happy to see how we can make your visit as good as possible.
Mail to : Niels@www.theoverkill.nl